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Protect your future with a retirement expert

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What is the RMA program?

The Retirement Management Advisor SM (RMASM) is an advanced certification that focuses on building custom retirement income plans to mitigate clients’ risks and to master the retirement planning advisory process, all within the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Why do you need an RMA


Having planned for retirement for many years, are you ready to leave the paycheck behind and live off your retirement assets? Let an RMA professional guide

you as you determine the best way to distribute your retirement assets so that your money will last as long as possible, given your lifestyle and goals.

The RMA   program  teaches  financial professionals to take a holistic approach to your retirement needs. RMA professionals look beyond managing investments or retirement products and take a multidisciplinary approach to develop a complete framework for your retirement plan.

The RMA program is designed specifically to help advisors examine each client’s individual situation, in detail, no matter the income bracket or asset level, so that worries about retirement can be addressed. Issues such as inflation, longevity, forced retirement from a job loss or health issue—these can all play a

role in determining retirement outcomes. Developing customized retirement income plans, and updating those plans as necessary, can help minimize worry and bring peace of mind as you enter a new phase

of life. An RMA professional has the specialized knowledge and tools to help you.


Luis Alayo Riera RMA

Senior Portfolio Manager
Founder, Managing Partner


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